Kitchens have become the most coveted room in the home – a place where families like to gather and spend time together and also entertain guests.  Therefore, the kitchen should be impressive yet functional.  There should be a flow to the room while maximising space and storage.  Only a kitchen installer with extensive experience can achieve these goals.  TJBM has extensive experience reconfiguring and installing all different types of kitchens.  In addition to installing kitchen cabinetry, we have removed and replaced existing worktops and islands, installed new worktops, installed splashbacks, created and installed bespoke shelving and cabinetry for the kitchen, installed quooker taps and installed extractor hoods.    

Even if you already have a kitchen manufacturer who has created a kitchen design for you, we can give you our opinion on the design they have created based on our experience and know-how and we can install the kitchen, making sure the rest of your renovation project joins seamlessly with your kitchen installation.  For instance, we will check unit sizes, including the refrigerator space, to ensure a perfect fit.  We can also create access panels in the necessary locations, such as where boilers or heating elements are located.  Only your builder would know to do this.    

If you have not yet chosen a kitchen company, we can also help.  We work with several luxury joiners that make beautiful, bespoke kitchens.